The announcements cards are a customized and handmade process executed by a professional graphic designer. Special attention is paid to the quality of the design and printing (paper, colors, etc).

1 - Ordering Process :

Once you have chosen the items you want to order in your basket you are requested to enter the number of each item, taking in account that for each one there is a minimum number to purchase (the lowest number may be one for certain items not customized).

You are then requested to enter your name and mailing address for delivery and billing.

The mailing charges are computed for the delivery. The mailing charges are country and French postage dependant.

The total amount is all tax included.

You are then requested to pay the amount of your order via secure payment Paypal, Visa card, or Master card. You may also pay the amount due by bank transfer or check. With payment by cheque you first have to email a special request to s.otrage@loupiots-design.com

A mail is then sent to you confirming your order.

2 - Customization for announcements and specific design :

After payment and only for the customized announcements, a second mail is sent (24 hours later) asking you to provide the complementary relevant information necessary to customize the chosen items (information on the name of the event, names, pictures, dates etc…).

From reception by Loupiots Design of your complementary information a «ready to press» voucher is sent to you. It is your responsibility to verify the «ready to press» voucher and send your acceptance of it to Loupiots Design.

3 - Production delivery time :

From reception by Loupiots Design of your acceptance of the "ready to press" voucher, the production delivery time is 7 working days.

If your order does not include customized items, the shipping is 7 working days afte payment for articles in stock should be added.

4 - Delivery :

Shipping is made by means of “Colissimo 48 hours” for France.

For external destination usually, an average supplementary deadline of :

  • Europe, Switzerland, Maghreb : 4/8 days.
  • USA, Canada, Africa, Middle East : 4/8 days.
  • D.O.M. (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion, Guyanne) : 5/7 days.
  • C.O.M. (Polynésie Française, Iles Wallis and Futuma, Saint Pierre and Miquelon...) : 5/7 days.
  • Nouvelle Calédonie : 5/7 days.
  • Others : 7/10 days.

You may, at any time, check the status of your order by providing your account number or the order number.

5 - Special creation, sampling :

You may ask for a specific graphic creation and a quotation for it, either by calling Loupiots Design at +33 6 35 56 73 88 from a country outside of France or 06 35 56 73 88 from France, or sending a mail to s.otrage@loupiots-design.com

The specific graphic creations include specific announcements, but also menus, place cards, celebrations albums, page markers, logos, letter heads, business cards, etc…

For the professionals, Loupiots Design acts as graphic designer for all business communication relative to the domain of the selling of products associated with infancy or childhood (food or toy packaging, health service promotions or functions, brochures, etc..).

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