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1 - Ownership :

This site is under the ownership of Loupiots Design a registered trademark managed and run by Sophie Otrage professional graphic designer located in Paris.

SIRET N° 439 732 611 00025


All the graphic designs whether the design of the site or the customized graphic announcements or design produced specifically for a customer, are the property of the owner of Loupiots Design : Sophie Otrage.


2 - Use of content

Sales are intended solely for thereproduction of the original designs by Loupiots Design. Customers may not reproduce or create derivative work from any content without written authorization of Sophie Otrage.

Images of people or places displayed on this site are either the property of Loupiots Design or used with the permission of the copyright owners.


3 - Privacy of the pictures and data sent to Loupiots Design for the customization of the announcements:

All the pictures and data sent to Loupiots Design for customization of the announcements are the property of the senders and Loupiots Design shall not infringe that property by making it public without the written consent of the original senders.


4 - Right of withdrawal:

Following to article L 12-20 2 of the French "Code de la consommation" « Consumer Code » the announcements, which are customized items, cannot benefit from the right of withdrawal by the customers.


5 - Disclaimers :

5.1 -Loupiots Design pays special attention to the quality of the design and of the printing. A professional graphic designer supervises the whole process.

However, the customer should be aware that colors or textures of the papers used in the announcements may not appear the same on the internet site as they result from the careful production process. In order to check the quality the customer may carry out a request for one sample at the sales price.


5.2 -Likewise Loupiots Design shall not be responsible for an error left by the customer in the "ready to press" voucher.


5.3 -From reception by Loupiots Design of the acceptance of the "ready to press" voucher the production deadline is 7 working days to ship the order via French Postage. At that point, the average time of postage between Paris and the customer location should be added. Loupiots Design shall not be held responsible for the delays in postage nor for hazards due to the postal shipping and delivery organizations. Upon receipt of an apparently damaged parcel the customer should take the necessary steps towards the postal organization.


5.4 -Loupiots Design gives no express or implicit guarantee of any kind for the usage that is made of the products delivered. Those products are under the sole responsibility of the customers.


6 - Claims :

In case of obvious bad quality of the received announcements the customer may contact Loupiots Design and describe the object of his/her claim.

The customer must keep the entire delivery in the original shipping box in order to ship it back at the request of Loupiots Design. The claimer, notwithstanding the result of the claim, shall pay the cost of the return shipping.


7 - Governing law :

The governing law is the French Law and all claims shall be hold in the “Tribunal de commerce de Paris”.

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